Bitcoin: Hash Ribbon

BTC News #44

Bitcoin has been experiencing an intense drawdown the past week. Inflows into exchanges have been increasing, particularly from short-term investors. This isn’t to surprising as Elon was a big catalyst for short-term traders to enter and his recent negativity towards Bitcoin may have influenced their decisions.

It’s important to note that the issues Elon raised are extremely old news for long-term holders. Bigger block sizes dates back to 2017 during the Block wars with Bitcoin Cash. The energy debate has been ongoing and involves a lot more details that are often overlooked. Many view Bitcoin as a leader in growing the renewable energy industry. I will write more on this in a later newsletter.

Also, big drawdowns are very normal in bull markets. With big upside comes big corrections. So far we have seen:

  • 31% pullback in January

  • 26% pullback in February

  • 18% pullback in March

  • 35% pullback in April and May (not over yet)

Each time short-term traders and other commentators have been calling for the end of the bull market. This could be true, however on-chain data and prior bull market history does not support this viewpoint. This is likely why long-term buyers have been stepping in to buy this correction.

Hash Ribbon

For todays metric we will be discussing the Bitcoin Hash Ribbon. This metric is specifically good at identifying great buying opportunities after large drawdowns in the Bitcoin price. It tracks miner capitulation as mining becomes unprofitable overall.

Hash Ribbon uses a 30 day and 60 day moving average for the Bitcoin hash rate. When the 30 day crosses above the 60 day after a big price drawdown, it signals the end of miner capitulation and starts the miner recovery. On the chart, this occurs when light red switches to dark red.

Once price momentum switches from negative to positive, it has signalled a great buying opportunity. On the chart, this occurs when dark red switches to white.

This metric is a good one to keep on your radar.

In the news…

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Resources I Use

Glassnode - Track Bitcoin on-chain metrics

I use Glassnode for all the metrics I track on the Bitcoin network. Their platform is extremely user friendly and fun to use.

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