Four Bitcoin Metric Presents

BTC News #17

It has been a fun two months writing this newsletter. Personally, I have learned a lot about Bitcoin and the metrics behind it. I hope you have as well. I want to wish you an amazing Christmas and holiday season.

It seems surreal Bitcoin is more than $20,000, especially after all the ups and downs over the past few years. I’m glad I stuck around.

Todays newsletter will be very short. In 2021, I plan to do a lot more writing, bringing on contributors, and hosting giveaways. Content can really start to add up so I wanted to publish a post with four metrics that are game changers. This is a great post to bookmark so you have access to these metrics at your fingertips when the Bitcoin price starts to get crazy.

  1. Thermocap Ratio - Great for finding Bitcoin tops and bottoms.

  2. Reserve Risk - Shows level of confidence in the Bitcoin Network. Also, great for finding tops and bottoms in market cycles.

  3. Price Drawdown From ATH - Great for finding Bitcoin price bottoms and predicting future price.

  4. Bitcoin Difficulty Ribbon - Uses Bitcoin mining economics to find reliable buying opportunities.

Read them, save them, and read them again. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Let’s connect on Twitter. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

In the news…

Resources I Use

Glassnode - Track Bitcoin on-chain metrics

I use Glassnode for all the metrics I track on the Bitcoin network. Their platform is extremely user friendly and fun to use.

Binance - Get 10% off trading fees using my link

Binance is the main exchange I use to trade the crypto markets.

Trading Alpha - Get the indicators I use for trading

Trading Alpha has built their own indicators that provide buy and sell signals for crypto and equities trading.

Tradingview - Charting Software

I use Tradingview daily to analyze trading charts and find areas of support and resistance.

Bulls on Wall Street - Come trade with me

I learned how to trade through the Bulls on Wall Street program. I’m in this chat everyday giving out my trade ideas.

Nothing in this article is investment advice. I’m not a financial advisor. Do not make investment decisions based on what is in this article or any other article written by BTC News or Blockedia.